when someone is mad~

11:40 PM

After all those things i've seen, plus what i've gone through..
finally i make up my mind that, i wont put my fully trust.. sorry to say , but, everything that happen has already prove it..
naahh, not to say i'm anti-(something), but.. just a bit mad. ( hey, i'm human too lah )

after years being such title, there's A LOT you already book for the responsibility. how come, in just a few months, you just leave it like that.. Keeping silent, doing nothing, and make others suffer! enough la~ if you think you already fine by doing all this, thanks a lot.. have a gud day ahead. i'm sorry for all this words. i'm just, hurt seeing others hurt. take care. don't repeat the same mistake again.. ( hope so)

and you! (another you) . just, take care. have a nice , gud, sweet, pleasure day ahead.

( not in gud mood . hey, i'm human too )

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