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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Tuesday, May 10, 2011

haah, it's 12.40 am.. and suddenly i didn't feel sleepy at all.. maybe because of... haah, nevermind, as long as they happy.. who am i to interfere their "business" ..

what do you feel, when someone u care the most, prefer others rather than you?.. he/she knows that you care for him/her the most. but still, acting so cold with you.. before, that particular person was so caring, so, so with y0ou.. suddenly, and lately, the person is like, getting far and leaving you puzzled.??? feels annoying eyh.. daaa, human is complex creature.

if you done mistake or what, don't try to cover it if you really don't know how.. because it is obviously and clearly can be seen. just tell straight away.. that's better.. and don't be so, so like you are innocent.. it's hurting.. =(

it's ok.. i'll stand still.. patience is virtue anyway..
lOve Allah, He will never deny your love.. I lOve YOU, Allah...

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