try out new thing~

12:59 PM

hari ni da masuk: hari kelima b'cuti di kelantan.. whOa, memang summer! Freaking hOt! tp, bgus2, kain yang tersidai cepat jek kering.. wuhuhu.. huMm.. kinda bOred but, still enjOy my holiday. welll~ wake me up when september arrive!! hihi..

thinking of finding a harmonica.. well i did have one but, 'emm, not da standard one to play with da tabs. soo, hope can find one.. it's kinda cool, seeing ppl playing harmonica. why don't giving it a try?? :P.. i can only play mary had a little lamb.. what an achievement... haha.. LOL~ but still, playing hamonica makes me exhausted. nak kne belajar bernafas la plakk... :P well, no pain , seriously, no gain..^_^

owh, just got a call frOm mama..
"dek, siap2, nak kuar"

Ai yai mama!!! here i come!

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