9:49 PM

Peace be Upon Allah, The Most Merciful And the Most Compassionate.. ^_^


InsyaALLAH, tomorrow, the day that have being waited so long finally come. Haa, da PSPM result..!! don’t have much to write, but, I’m sure everybody ( matrix stdnt laa ) can’t wait to know how was their performance last semester. .


fOr those who had applied UiTM and have already got the place there, u guys for sure have an option in case of being kicked out.. but, we dOn’t pray to be kicked. nO3x.. I just pray for the best for me and you guys.. Remember, whatever and however the result is, it was our effort.. we have worked hard for it, so, be on the positive side and reward yourself. ^_^..


keeP mOving ahead as there are a lot of opportunities out there.. be creative in  leading your way oraitt..?? even if you think, what u get is bad, actually Allah always prepare for something better ahead that we’ll never know unless we keep on ’walking’.. take it as another test from Allah which He wants us to be stronger.



hUuu, what to reward myself ha? Squasy racket?? weee~ it’ll be fUn!! Smile with tongue outoh yA!! One more thing! HEee, da mOney frOm da KPM will be bank iN!! HuHuuHuu!

everyOne, SMILE!! Winking smile



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