I love My lAppy~

1:18 AM

LappY’s desktOp nEw view..~

my desktop!!

Hee, Salam sejahtera, Salam 1 MALAYSIA..~

feels like wanna pOst sOmething, br jE hbs Revise biO..

waaah, cArdiaC CyCLE ! PAcemAker ! rOot prEssuRe..! TRanspiration-cohesiOn-TEnsiOn mecHanism?? weee, mAu jd phArmacIst kne lA Otai,

Ok fiza chAn?? huu, tingAt kat mY ‘cArdiac muscle’ lak..

SoOo Many things happen these few dAys.. nEed sumOne to tAlk with bUt…

“eISH, P JuMPAq Cg rAshimi kang..”

hihi mY kaunselor me~

well, these things kinda disturbing.. sense of losing myself, loSing da spirit of studying , losing the sense of being as usual with friends.. i dun talk much with my practicum-mate .. But still, they are sO nice to me.. thanks verY da mUch.. ^_^

i’m facing to path in front me.. which oNe to choose? bOth is gUd but, one of them is better. bUt..

ahh, there’s still but ehh..

wAtever comes.. i must fOcus.. for my Family, mysElf and mY future.. ( mOtivating myseLf.. hiii )

i gOt pEOple hOpe.. i mUst prOve that i cAn.. if Malaysia Can////, whY we cAn’t??? ( hehe )

cOme2 mY friends, leTs excite ourself.. so cHoose,

lYman? Balmer? PasCHen? Brackett? oR PfuNd??

( cHemy thinggg~ )

fEeling a bit better nOw.. nEed to stAy fOcus.. nOw, gOing to finish my kOmposer Assignmnt ..

oWh by da wAy, pleAse kindly clIck da nUffnang icOn ya.. dOnating is cAring.. wiiii~


TyPED on the AfternOon 4-sept-2010

Delayed pOst~

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