dEtik2 Akhir bersamamU..~

8:02 AM

----------------------------> cOmpleting mY KMPP fOrms...... <----------------------------
hehe, seems lIke I really Am gOing tO KMPP... " gO fiza gO, cHasing Ur drEam..! "

sO, tOdays stOry.. " stIap pErtemUan ade pErpisahannYe~ "
i gRoW up wIth tkd.. n sEems lIke tHe tYme hAs cOme.. thIs week iS my lAst weeK to spEnd with tKd n fRiends hEre.. sAmbil mEnghitung hAri , here are sOme pIcs i've tAken.. hoho...

lAst teaching At SMS Pasir Puteh..


prAy fOr thE bEst tO u gUys in nexT tOurnament.. dUn gIve uP ..!

hAaah, tOnite's gOnna be mY last mOment At SARA tkd... hUkhuk..

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