Ahlan wAsahlan 2010...

12:10 AM

just a few minutes after we step into a brand new year, 2010..

nOw, i'm 18 years old..
ah, i Can't really believe it.. bUt, believe it or nOt,
" YoU Are 18 nOw.. :P"

tomorrow (02/01/2010), i got an interview for PKTR, programme.. kinda nervOus even this is my secOnd formal interview..
" yeah, after the darul quran's "
gUys, wish me lUck k..
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and, abOut my brand new AZAM??
improving my life better and beat my sister in study! haha..
i can't believe she got number 1 in class and in whole form 2 with GPA 4.00!!!..
hOw Envy am i, But still pRoud (alhamdulillah) to have sister like her.. and proud to be one of the NUR..

well, it's gonna be 'gerhana bulan' after this, insyaAllah..
as muslim, we shOuld appreciate this historical day with at least zikir to Allah and do Solat hajat..
yea, well~
it's rare to have 'gerhana bulan' in Muharram.. subahanallah..

wOrld's changing, and the Earth is getting older, and 'Kiamat' is nearer...
"he he~"

" Demi masa, sesungguhnya manusia dlm kerUgian~.. Kecuali, orang2 yg berIman dan berAmal soleh dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar~.."
:: surah Al-Asr ::

~Okay, time to say guD nite.. Oyasumi ne~
:: flizzOe ::

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