it's getting clOser... and 'alien' suddenly come oUt :P

7:39 PM


Assalamualaikum.. dear blOggie..

it's been a lOng tYme i haven't write..

mAny thIngs suddenly came out as i'm getting clOser to my SPM.. i can't hardly understand and stOp them.. bUt as a Muslimah.. i shOuld set my mInd thAt all thOse things are one of the cHallenge in maturing my mind for the future life.. well, i'm really not into real wOrld yet.. bUt..( haha , still have the 'but'..) but, i really hOpe thAt i cAn live mY life calmly ( ade ke p'kataan inggeris nie?)... uGh..

Dapatkan Mesej Bergambar di Sini

nAaaHH!, jUst keep focusing on yOur SPM fIza chAn..!! gAnbatte nE! :P

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