What future tells me?

8:08 AM

It's a warm morning, and bird's chirping woke me up. 

One question pop up in my mind, " What I wanna do next?"

Last night was awful, full of tears and thought. Wise words from friends, encouragements and questions. I guess it is a normal episode for a graduate-to-be student very soon enough. Thinking about what to do after graduate?

Two days has passed after my very last exam in university life . All left is just thesis dissertation. My brain can't stop thinking about next steps. Too many thought, undecided plan, dis organized plan, everything clump together in my mind. What future holds?

Some said, you never know unless u take a first step. Yeah, they're right. But this is a big decision in life. What if it is a mistake? Haha, a question from coward eyh?
And people will say, face it and fix it. Don't look back and just go on.

Where were you since last 3 years? Unsolved puzzle in my mind. 

Scattered words from a scattered mind. But one question keeps rolling, "What i wanna do next?"
Future hasn't tells me any, yet.

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