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29/4/12 really was a very challenging day of all. It was the day where me and my group mates ( part of us) went out to complete out mini research on 'Budaya ICT dalam kalangan belia'. So the location? Around Bukit Bintang.. perghhh~! Such a Huge place to conduct a research.!

Why is that, yesterday had been my toughest day?

Until now i only know that, it is not easy to be a salesgirl (Just as perumpamaan. Fiza bukan jadik salesgirl hari nie..^_^v. ). The way of approaching people who were busy shopping with families and friends, and to ask for their-lil-bit-of-time to listen to us. Haaah, i was really nervous and can also be said as scared when i first wanted to approach people around Bukit Bintang yesterday. Scared of being pushed away and so on. Well, who wants to answer 3pages of questionnaire when they wanted to go shopping and enjoy their day?? But Alhamdulillah, i managed to distribute quite a number to people in Pavilion. Thanks to them too for their support. ^_^. What a precious experience. Who says fiza can't confront with people huh? hik3~

Wait a minute, guess who did Fiza met at Pavilion....~!!!!!!!

Mr. Cholo!!!! (His Drama's Name lor~) so for those who watch the series( which i had forgotten already the title), hehe, don't get jealous yea! Ape abg Azrol, Hero Korea?? hoho..

Next station, Time Square n Low Yat.
Nahhhh, i Used to think that Pavillion, Times Square and Low Yatt was located at three different places and far from each other. Actually they're not.. haha, fiza2~ We have had lunch at Times Square where i learnt new thing there. haaaa, The foodcourt there use the system of online selling. All the customers have to top Up the Meal card ( mcm meal plan UPM lak:P) before entering the food court and eat whatever you guys want. As Long as you have enough money oke! :P Owh don't worry, You don't have to buy the card as they borrow it to you. And the 'baki' is refundable ^_^.

Distributing out questionnaire, Lunch, and Shopping..!! hiihi. Alhamdulillah, i didn't buy much this time.. hihi. There were many gundam store located at the 7th level of Times Square u know..! and again, all you need is, MONEY! :P haaa, Gundam2~

haaaaaa, guess who did i met with at times square????? Dont get Envy haaa..!

She looks a bit Kurus already ^_^. There was also Datuk K and few important person there..^_^.

Sorry, phone camera memang mcm tuh~.

haaa, whats makes my yesterday be my very best day was....! jeng3!


yEAyy, nanti Mr. Hero akan dapat kawan baru!

Seriously i didn't expect for this most precious gift from my Sifu! ^_^v. Tenkiu sgt2 for this unexpected gift.. hihi, speechless sebenarnya bila dapat nih ^_^. (gambaq ni cantik pun pasai pakai kamera dia:P ) Looks like i have a brand new mission to go..!!!

Tapi, Along da pesan awal2. Study tuh! jgn dok men gundam jek ^_^.. Ai yai Along(tabik keroro) ^_^..

Thanks again sifu ^_^.

Alhamdulillah, finished with TITAS.. few more assigmnt to go! fighting fiza!

Jadi berjalanlah di muka bumi Allah SWT ini, mengumpul ilmu dan mencerahkan minda. Katakanlah (Wahai Muhammad): "Mengembaralah kamu di muka bumi, kemudian perhatikanlah bagaimana akibat buruk (yang menimpa) orang-orang Yang mendustakan (Rasul-rasul) itu." [al-An’am: 11]

Wallahu'alam.. ^_^

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