Today is Wednesday ^_^v

6:23 PM

Salam'alaiyk ^_^

Hari yang .. umph~

Answering my very important paper today with toothache is really a disaster!!!! plus, i'm not well prepared for this paper.. arghh... what did i do in da exam hall??!!! ughhh, painful .. the paper was like laughing at me, the clock was like purposely tick-ing slowly, and my 'gigi' kept 'telling' me to stop answering the 80's question..

Cakit =,(
bad thing in today's life..
kakak kat PKU said- " Adk pilih tarikh 17 hb ke atas untuk appointment ye.."

and the gud thing is ..
tP... mcm mana nak guna???
huhuhu.. later if fiza finds out how to use those vouchers, i'll post ya@ insyaAllah ^_^v

Three more papers to go..
BiOchemy, Hubungan Etnik, and Information Technology..
cHaiyok fiza chaiyok~!

Wassalam ^_^v

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