He knOws best! ^_^..

5:44 PM

Welcome to the Faculty Of Medicine and Health Sciences..
hihi.. Alhamdulillah, He knows best.. sekurang-kurangnye, masih mendapat tempat di salah sebuah Universiti Pilihan ( cume kos je.... ) ..

Bachelor Science nutrition and community health?? ape ke bendenye tue?? duhh.. ape2 pun, it is still under my interest, so.. gO gO gO fiza chAn!!!! fighting.. hihi..

lOoks like , i'm gOing to be the next U. _ . M. freshie.. hihi.. insyaAllah, if i'm going to register. wakaka.. nOthing to say much.. just, glad for His precious gift.. becAuse He lOves me.. then He gave me the best.. ! Syukran..

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