time to go hOme...!

1:40 PM

Assalamualaikum dear readers.. to all matriculation students, tomorrow is a big dAy..!!! the time has come.. farewell to lecture hall, beloved hostel, luvely katil, sweety bantal, yummy cafe, cutey charlie.. hihihi.. and not to forget, friends.. so, the picture has been taken around hostels at KMPP. wahh, thanks for supporting biology club.. go green, yeah!!!

everybody is busy packing things to bring back.. but still, tomorrow got last chemistry paper.. don't forget.. as i'm reminding my friends out there, me, myself, got to study too.. wachaa..!! dush3, go away malas!!! jum study eyh.. like wat spongebob used to tell me, "study btol2..!" so, study betul fiza !! hik2.. mama pun pesan gtu.. so, pokok pangkalnye, study untuk masa depan anda... =P lOve all of u... booom! boom! boom! ( fireworks) hihi..

so, all the best for tomorrow's paper, and cuti nanti, buat benda berfaedah... behave urself.. ok??
okeylah.. jom p solat... ^_^..

take care.. spOngebob..
and everyone.^_~


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