Bigger + Older + still cute??? ^_^

9:35 PM

Assalamualaikum and hi~

Wat a week full of joy and happiness^_^~
Alhamdulillah this is my , err.. 3rd day kot.. being a 19-years old sista! still young waaatt~ ehihihi... but mm, reality is real , aite?? As i'm moving foward, i kept on observing creatures around me.. and i kept on asking myself, how am i? am i bad? not doing that, not being like this and that.. mY friend once told me, be good for urself, that would be better than trying to be the best like others. thanks 'spongebob'. ihihi..

well, this tyme is my very best birthday celebration.. thanks to my friends, for the soap water that you guys pour on me. da chocolate cream that you guys 'calit' on my face!!! and the 'red eye' pictures that we snap.. thanks u guys.. and to the successful mastermind!!!!! ihihi...

and then, the sweetest moment in my life, " haaaa, i'm touched !! " thanks 'spongebob'.. thanks for the birthday song cover... ^_^.. and everything~
thanks to my sistas for the gift and my other sista, take care there .. dun be Singaporean!! Luv Malaysia!!! n mama. abah, tkah.. i lOve yoU!!!
haahhh~ seems like all the PDT-ians had gone.. ya lOrr~ diorang da start cuti.. pa pe pOn, selamat bercuti to all my PDT's friends.. have a nice holiday, and insyaAllah, c you guys this May~ ahh, too many to write but, enough for now~ huhu.. going to finish my math tutorials !!!! take care, WORLD! take care everyone.. thanks for everything..

C.U.D.I.P.T. ~

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