a mOment to share..

5:52 PM

Bunga kEkwa berkuntum- kuntum,
Bunga dAri Negara Tunisia,
Saya dahulukan, Assalamualaikum,
Salam sejahtera, Salam 1 Malaysia..!

hee .. Tu salah satu pAntun yang disumbangkn oleh sahabat seperjuangan untuk fiza time emcee bagi karnival Pendidikan Kerjaya 2010, bertempat di KMPP.. well, even it's not a new thing anymore, bUt it gave me the precious memory ever! hihi.. thAnks prOf, for praying my success to get phArmacy in UM. Actually still waiting for da pictures taken by UM photographer to be emailed to me.. it's ok, patient is virtue.. :P aha, i still gOt a Pic..
~me with prOf Dr. Khalijah Awang~

jUst few days past, i will never forget TAC nite. TAC??? whAt is TAC?? TAC stands for Top Achievers Club. IT'S A clUb organised by Biro Akademik of JawatankUasa Perwakilan Pelajar (JPP) here to help stUdents to excell in KMPP.. and da gud thing is, i am one of the member! jUst to prOmote, Once u enroll urself in To KMPP, u'll never Regret..! ^_^
i had performed on stage together with mY fwen a.k.a. my practicum-mate ( yang memang gile karaoke ) dat niTe.. sO, snAp!!!

The picture was taken during my rehearsal . one of the sOng , sang was Dan sebenarnya by me. here is da video.. sOrry for da quality. Using phOne.. but anyway, tHanks to NishantHi and Zu for always be there giving me support. i lUv u guys!

enjOy~ if anything, cOmment ya.. thAnks for stay tune!

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