Time tO say tata... .

6:30 AM

tOday is 13 Sept already huh.. tOmorrow kuliah will stArt as usual, sO.. have to go back to hostel..
alaaaaa... nO want yet la..
Anyway, wat to happen is gOing to happen, sO " go fiza go,,! p baliq nuh..! " hehe,
i'll go, but i'll miss my family sO much.. Only Allah knOws hOw much i lOve them..
" mama drIve eloK2 nanti yek.. " huhu

haa, 5 mOre week befOre fInal exAm.. tHough time to gO , fiza.. KeeP strOng.. jUst 5 week lOr..
mInna sAn, prAy for my success ehh.. thAnks.
and, everyOne, Happy Raya Eidulfitri... !
jOm pAkat balik .. kIte masiH ade tanggungjawab yang perlu disempurnakan..!

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