horrible nite.. " ah, dont care bout da grammar"

5:53 AM


ah, last nite finally end..

it was a horrible nite, "one of" as it did happened before.. as usual, i finished my sOlat and so on.. wAiting for da isyAk to arrive, i sat in da living room watching da news.. my eyes suddenly can't open.. ah, sleepy? but it's toO early.. yea, 8.15 p.m.??? i try to fight it but it seems much stronger than me..

OoOhh.. i walked to da toilet, and take wudhu' .. i thought it would makes me better, but, i doesn't seems so.. again i fell asleep.. oh, what's happening.. after several minutes, i woke and perform my solat.. I was thinking that i can do da terawih but, i can't really go on.. as i step on my bed, everything went dark and i sleep soundly.. then again i woke up at almost 11.40 p.m. went to kitchen to see my mom.. and my sisters were eating.. they offered me da maggi.. hah, maggi?? oHh nO!! but then, my hand reach da bOwl and took a slrupp.. oh mY gOd, what's going onn???? hukhuk, i ate maggi? haha, its really weird.. but, still, yummy..

then , i went on my bed, and again everything went dark. i know nothing .. i woke early, too early with shock.. all da sleepy has gone ..

i'm scared.. cUz, yeah, i did really feel that i've wasted my study time.. besides, SPM is just around da corner.. i still cant fight da sleepy in me everytime it overpower me.. i dOn't know how to settle this.. and my head feel so heavy..:P

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