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Posted by : Fiza Chan..! Saturday, August 15, 2009

Assalamualaikum, sahabat2ku..

Esok, skolah 'on' blik.. ahH, btUl2 rindukan masa belajar kat skolah.. jD, mulakan hari baru dengan Azam baru..! thIs pOst may be last pOst until i finish my trial SPM.. This is like da real SPM, so i'm gonna dO my verY best.. n yOu gUys,

" Where's will, thEre's way..!,, chAIYOk! "

sO, sOrry for all thOse bad things i've dOne, and if i ever hUrt anyone, please forgive me.. yEa,
" Aku, cUma manusia biAsa2 jerrr.."

sO, here's a bIt abOut da exAm schedUle..

Wednesday(19/8/09)------> Pend. Al-Quran dan Al-Sunnah
------> Pend. Syariah Islamiah (P1)

Thursday(20/08/09) ------> Pend. Syariah Islamiah (P2)
------> Bahasa Arab Tinggi (P1&P2)

Wah, Puasa pun da x sabar2 tunggU kita kan?? So, semoga kita dapat jalani Ibadah Puasa kali dengan lebIh baik dari sebelum2 nie.. n Remember, x pUasa, x dAkk DUIT RAYER!, wahahaha..

i'm nOt as gOod writer As others, bUt, remember, who ever yOu are out there,
" Be yOurself"

tHat's even better than pretending.. dUn afraid of doing gOod thIngs. As lOng as u are in da right side, stAnd still!! "heh? salah tatabahasa nie.."

Allah knOws wherever we are, what ever we do, whenever we are, how ever we are, and what so ever we are.. He knOws everything.. EverlOng pun He knOws.. =P.. Well, pray fOr my success, and sOrry for all da mistakes i've dOne.. Thanks fOr everything..

Mama, Abah, fOrgive me for wat ever i've done.. sOrry fOr being tooooo shY to tell this, bUt i'll trY to expRess tHis in Other creative way.. "hikhik".. I lOve YoU!!!

Along, Aby, Tikah, yeah, it's true.. i've being "adik" all this while.. thanks a lOt for being patience Of my attitude.. hehehe.. thAnks.. AishiterU!!!

aLL my Fwens, tHanks A lOt.. And sO So sO Sorry if i'd made sO much trOuble.. huhuhu.. tHanks.. Aishiteru desU!!

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