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The return..!

By : Nur Fiza
Assalamualaikum dear readers.

Final year is really really reaaallly awesomely challenging.
It's been a while since my last post and I'm back! Currently a final year Nutrition student, and nutritionist-to-be soon!

I'm hoping that all of the readers are in good condition and take a good daily diet. For the update, Alhamdulillah done with my final year proposal presentation (wuhuhuuu~). One of the most crucial task in every final year student. Thanks to all the supporter and my Supervisor. Now, the real project will begin~
Syafinaz, (Supervisor), Athirah, Me

Oh ya, I really wanted to share about nutrition with you guys.. So, I've decided to build a page for any tips regarding nutrition. Please check It out! You can see in the figure below, the "Nutritionist matter" and "Be Healthy?". And there's another link I reserve for future additional topic, InshaaAllah.

The Eye? That one actually for... any pic which I found makes up my day. Suddenly this love-to-take-pic-feeling come to me.
So guys, If you have any suggestion, anything to add or any request for this blog, just leave a comment or can email me through (aha, official one)

That's all for this refresh-the-blog post ^_^.
Honestly, I really miss to write. It's therapy anyway, rite?


the talks

By : Fiza Chan..!
Kalau dalam satu kumpulan itu kita bertiga, jangan kamu berbisik dengan sahabat yang kedua. Kerana, ia akan menyinggung perasaan yang ketiga. Silap silap, ia berlarutan, sehingga rakan ketiga berjalan sendiri..
Well, bestfriends always have their own stories to share right? It's good to have those.. Fun right? A story to share.. In a village, there is a girl. A girl who live in her world, an observer and love to see friendships. She would b smiling whenever she see happiness between friends. But she's alone.. Yea, she is alone. "I know.. I live quite far from them. " her heart talks. Everytime she walks among the crowd of the villagers, among her age , she feels alone. Other friends have their own talks with their besties.. She had tried to bring up a topic so that she can have a chat with them but.. "How would i be with them if they always talk between them and i know nothing? =3" "They were sooo happy and i .. Nevermind, they got their besties, let me just walk alone.." "dear heart, all of them got their own bestfriend, so, just dont disturb them. They are happy now. Just go and find your own happiness .." Her heart don't care anymore if she had to do things alone, walk alone, eat alone, and live alone. Yea she seems happy now but the fact is, she is alone and live in broken heart. One day, a person out of nowhere, come and see her. "Hey buddy, whats up?" "...^_^..'_'.." "hey listen.. When u r alone, who is with u? Who can u ask help?" "Now, just speak to your heart.. And stay happy^__^" She paused.. And think.. To be continued.. But always love to do a reminder to myself and
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Bumi sakit. Jom berubah?

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum wbt dear readers.

For those who are able to read this post, say alhamdulillah. as you are still breathing, able to live, and free.

Deepest condolences to all families of MH370 and MH17 victims. And I pray for justice for my brothers and sisters in Gaza, Syria, China, and muslims all around the world. The earth has come closer to an end. Only He knows, when is the exact time to end everything. I was attracted to few post in my facebook newsfeed. It says,

"Don't you realize, Allah is calling us. He had showed us signs, so don't you realize?"

well, keep that in our mind.

I believe, some of us think that it is hard to .. I would say, so-called 'repent'. people get used to listen to hard music, talking bad, and enjoy the life as if you are not gonna die tomorrow. huhuu.. sorry, my imagination is playing around my mind.

Haiiiisshhh, How to return to Him?

It seems hard to get back to right path if we used to stay and comfortable in bad side. but trust me, human has nature, and nature of human is they love good thing. That is called, Fitrah. Here is some tips for u, for me, for us.. Every changes needs training. So, who says you cannot change? unless you haven't take a step toward changes.

Why not, if we try to change our melody from rock anthem to more calm song.
Try to go to channel that give us more tazkirah like tanyalah ustaz @tv9 every morning or an other channel that can make u start your day with positive energy.
Post more beneficial thoughts in your social media, or a least share post on what's happening in around the world now, or anything that might be useful to others.

naahh, there are many other thingssss your can do to improve the quality of your life. Let us together take steps and move ahead!

What's constant in life will change. and Changes are the the constant in life.


Marhaban Ya Ramadhan ^_^

By : Fiza Chan..!

Pesanan Daripada Al-Habib Ali Zaenal Abidin bin Abu Bakar Al-Hamid :
[1] Niatkan agar Ramadhan kali ini lebih baik & mantap berbanding tahun-tahun yang lalu dengan amalkan segala sunnah Rasulullah SAW semampu kita.
[2] Niat untuk bertadarus, tadabbur & khatam Al-Quran (minimum sekali).
[3] Niat untuk tahajud & qiamullail setiap pagi (sebelum sahur).
[4] Niat untuk tunaikan solat sunnat Tarawih 20 rakaat serta solat sunnat Witir 3 rakaat (di masjid/surau/rumah).
[5] Niat untuk bangun sahur setiap pagi walaupun sekadar meneguk air (ianya sunnah & ada keberkatan dalam bersahur itu).
[6] Niat untuk perbanyakkan amal ibadah seperti solat sunnat, sedekah, memberi makan orang yang berbuka puasa dll.
[7] Niat untuk dapat malam Lailatul Qadar.
[8] Niat untuk perbanyak sedekah/infaq.
[9] Niat jaga lisan, mata, telinga, mulut dll.
[10] Niat memberi makan kepada orang berbuka puasa walaupun sebiji kurma.
[11] Niat jadi hamba-NYA, umat Rasulullah SAW, suami/isteri, anak, abang/kakak, saudara, ayah/ibu, jiran, rakan sejawat, manusia dsb yang terbaik & bermanfaat sebaik sahaja selesai ibadah Ramadhan ini.

••Marhaban Ya Ramadhan•• Ampun dan maaf dipohon sekiranya ada salah dan silap selama ini. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini akan membawa keberkatan dan rahmat untuk kita semua.. Amin yaa rabbal alamin..

RNutr. Fiza

Marketing Yourself- Get employed!

By : Fiza Chan..!
In the name of Allah, the most Merciful and the Most Compassionate.

Assalamualaikum wbt. ^_^

It's a long journey and the end of university life is getting closer.  My third year is the toughest year than others but I can't imagine yet how will my final year be. ^_^ May Allah Ease.. I already got my Final Year Project title, I guess that is the beginning of everything.

So, what's up with the pic?

I can't resist my beloved Timbalan Naib Cansellor UPM speech. He is a great man, with great power in his speech. Last night was inspired by his talk and here I would like to share a few.
Why Graduates didn't get employed?

1 Strawberry type!
"Gen Y is like Strawberry"

  1. Only can survive in a controlled condition. Unable to cope with uncontrolled situation out there~~!
  2. Unable to encounter challenges in hardship
  3. Unstable emotion.
  4. Attitude problem!
2 Fail in interview?
  1. Poor command in English
  2. Poor character, attitude or personality
  3. Asking unrealistic salary/benefit
  4. Mismatch of skills
  5. Choosy in job or company
  6. Poor problem solving skill
  7. Bad preparation for the interview
Take Note buddies~!

Future R.Nutr. Fiza

Nutrition Month! This is our world~

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum semua!! Have you checked your body status?

ehehe, Alhamdulillah, Officially turned 22 last 22nd March, and living as 22-year-old young adult right now ^_^.

Okayh, here is what I want to share, it's NUTRITION MONTH!!! this year I am lucky to be given opportunity to volunteer in this meaningful big program! Thanks to my Department. Nutrition and Dietetics~ wuhuhu, I would say, it is a volunteer job, but, they paid us.. so... Alhamdulillah!! ^_^.

Lots of activities were held, with many sponsor company join us.. I would say, it's nutritionist and dietetian Family Day!!^_^. ehehe, inshaaALLAH, i'll be future Nutritionist.! Pray for me k! ^_^. Aha, what's more interesting? I was incharged at kinect game! it's XBOX 360! ahaha, quite excited. It's my first time to hold that thing.. woops.. not "thing" but gadget okayyy.. phewwww.. The visitors thought that i'm selling the product. But hey!! Its a sophisticated gadget designt for healthier lifestyle. Physical activity time!! No remote for you, nor joystick. it's your body! hehe, most of my visitor loves to play boxing and fight with each other. We should buy this one, Along. ^_^.

Owh.. i always feel that i look weird wearing black tudung.. huhuhuuuu...

meee!!! XBOX!!! (okay, the joystick is just to track human movement.)

owh2! Also got ANIMAX exhibition during our nutrition month! here are my friends with the cosplay~

 ehehe, Remember people, Health is wealth~! See you in da next Nutrition Month, InshaaAllah..

Future R.Nutr. Fiza

Allah sayang Siapa?

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum, Sekadar perkongsian..

Haritu.. ada ustaz cakap..
Kadang2, Allah turunkan Hujan kerana kasih dan rahmat Nya kepada makhluk lain. Haiwan, Tumbuhan. Kerana kita , Manusia yang masih bergelumang dengan dosa, sedangkan makhluk lain berzikir kepadaNya tak putus2.

SubahanAllah, Alhamdulillah, Hujan turun dengan lebat semalam.,dan diberikanNya hari yang cerah hari ini.

Adakah esok kita masih sempat menikmati rahmat Allah? Pray hard. Keep pray.

Whisper Alhamdulillah for every creation He made, every rahmat He give. The reason why we are still breathing is that, we are having too much sin to die and He still give us chance to repent. Syukran.


Untouchable mind.

By : Fiza Chan..!
Untouchable mind.
when u grow up.. mind should grow either.
when we were child, we can decide without thinking further . people wont mad cuz they said, " they are still children n growing".

When u r up.. every single decision must be justified by thinking and consequences. Because people say.. " She/He's already growing up.."

think before speak, empathy before judge, everything must be planned well.

When u ask for apologize. it doesn't always mean, you are wrong.
It's because u love the friend-/relation-ship.

so much thoughts , so much words but if all humankind understand and have these in their heart and mind, actions would speaks louder than words.

Thank you, its hurt. But Its okay. we live this life only for once.

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Morning smell of grass & cold wind.. Alhamdulillah.

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum readers..

Pheww, It has always been quite long time to update something. Apologize me for that ^_^v

Truly there's no other heaven thing in my world except being home and in love with mama and siblings. Okay, plus that one muchy2.  Alhamdulillah, I still have chance to spend precious time at home. After all, I haven't being home for very long time.:)

I have a habit, when i get home. Every early morning, I'll open the sliding door just to grab the smell of morning, the grass, and the cold air. ummm.. That is such a relief.

My holiday was shortened due to my Internship. But it's okay.. I have learnt so much and inshaaAllah it will be very useful for this nutritionist-to-be.. hehe.. We had conducted an intervention program to the aborigines in Jelebu. Alhamdulillah, they had warmly welcomed us and we have had very good interaction with each other. Ahhh, I can't really forget how I had given them talk on breastfeeding and complementary food. It is quite challenging to convert scientific words to simple language, and to grab their attention. Well, who loves lecture? Yeah people do but if it's too long, it'll be bored aite?

Yeahh, too much thoughts to share, but one thing I really grab during the on-campus training, Don't harm the community, educate them. And remember, we are dealing with human, not machine :) Thanks Dr. Norhasmah ^_^

Being home, hehe, never been silent. I haven't watch TV during my semester time, so... yeah!! tv time! ^_^. Alhamdulillah, you know, we can enter 'taman syurga' even if we are at home. how? Still remember that every 'majlis ilmu' is 'taman syurga'? ahaaaa... now let's grab them! Morning time, please leave your bed. now, switch on the tv and go to tv9. you can watch and listen to the ustaz and ustazah who shares their thought and knowledge. Alhamdulillah, even if we fall asleep infront if tv, please know that you are sleeping in 'taman syurga' hihihi..

Ahaaa, and my days are accompanied by these two cute kitty.. ^_^
too much sweet things, and happiness being home. Alhamdulilllah.. okay, wanna share something here..

snap&paste. ^_^. inshaaAllah, selamat beramal...
R.Nutr. Fiza

Love share : Cara Rasulullah SAW menjaga kesihatan ^_^

By : Fiza Chan..!

Assalamualaikum kawan2!
Hari ni Cik fiza teringin nak share tips kesihatan! ehem3, maklumlah, punya nak jadi nutritionist nanti ^_^. Doakan cik comel (woopss) ni berjaya capai impian ye. ^_^

" Semoga Nur Hafizah sentiasa menjadi anak yang solehah, dapat jodoh yang baik, dan.. berjaya dunia dan akhirat." 
aminnnn.. ehehe, terima kasih :)

okey, sekadar perkongsian tapi kali ni, copy dari sebuah site.. hmm, mungkin boleh buat reference. mcm nie:

Puspanita. (2012). Cara Rasulullah s.a.w. menjaga kesihatan diri. Retrieved on 19 January 2014 from

(APA style katanya ^_^)

Selalu bangun sebelum subuh
Rasulullah mengajak umatnya untuk bangun sebelum Subuh bagi melaksanakan solat sunat, solat fardu dan solat Subuh secara berjemaah.
Hal ini memberi hikmah yang mendalam antaranya mendapat limpahan pahala, kesegaran udara subuh yang baik terutama untuk merawat penyakit tibi serta memperkuatkan akal fikiran.

Aktif menjaga kebersihan
Rasulullah sentiasa bersih dan rapi. Setiap Khamis atau Jumaat, Baginda mencuci rambut halus di pipi, memotong kuku, bersikat serta memakai minyak wangi.
“Mandi pada hari Jumaat adalah sangat dituntut bagi setiap orang dewasa. Demikian pula menggosok gigi dan pemakai harum-haruman.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

Tidak pernah makan berlebihan
Sabda Rasulullah w yang bermaksud: “Kami adalah satu kaum yang tidak makan sebelum lapar dan apabila kami makan tidak terlalu banyak (tidak sampai kekenyangan).” (Muttafaq Alaih)
Dalam tubuh manusia ada tiga ruang untuk tiga benda: Sepertiga untuk udara, sepertiga untuk air dan sepertiga lainnya untuk makanan.
Bahkan ada satu pendidikan khusus bagi umat Islam iaitu dengan berpuasa pada Ramadan bagi menyeimbangkan kesihatan selain Nabi selalu berpuasa sunat.

Gemar berjalan kaki
Rasulullah berjalan kaki ke masjid, pasar, medan jihad dan mengunjungi rumah sahabat. Apabila berjalan kaki, peluh pasti mengalir, roma terbuka dan peredaran darah berjalan lancar.
Ini penting untuk mencegah penyakit jantung. Berbanding kita sekarang yang lebih selesa menaiki kenderaan. Kalau mahu meletakkan kenderaan, mesti letak betul-betul di hadapan tempat yang ?hendak kita pergi.

Tidak pemarah
Nasihat Rasulullah ‘jangan marah’ diulangi sampai tiga kali. Ini menunjukkan hakikat kesihatan dan kekuatan Muslim bukanlah terletak pada jasad, tetapi lebih kepada kebersihan jiwa.
Ada terapi yang tepat untuk menahan perasaan marah iaitu dengan mengubah posisi ketika marah, bila berdiri maka hendaklah kita duduk dan apabila sedang duduk, maka perlu berbaring.
Kemudian membaca Ta’awwudz kerana marah itu daripada syaitan, segera mengambil wuduk dan solat dua rakaat bagi mendapat ketenangan serta menghilang?kan gundah
di hati.

Optimis dan tidak putus asa
Sikap optimis memberikan kesan emosional yang mendalam bagi kelapangan jiwa selain perlu banyakkan sabar, istiqamah, bekerja keras serta tawakal kepada Allah s.w.t.

Tidak pernah iri hati
Bagi menjaga kestabilan hati dan kesihatan jiwa, semestinya kita perlu menjauhi daripada sifat iri hati. “Ya Allah, bersihkanlah hatiku dari sifat-sifat mazmumah dan hiasilah diriku dengan sifat-sifat mahmudah.”

Pemaaf adalah sifat yang sangat dituntut bagi mendapatkan ketenteraman hati dan jiwa. Memaafkan orang lain membebaskan diri kita daripada dibelenggu rasa kemarahan.
Sekiranya kita marah, maka marah itu melekat pada hati. Justeru, jadilah seorang yang pemaaf kerana yang pasti badan sihat.
Bahagia sebenarnya bukan mendapat tetapi dengan memberi. 

Sebenarnya, banyak lagi cara hidup sihat rasul semoga hati kita semakin dekat dengan Nabi yang amat kita rindukan pertemuan dengannya. Baiklah.. semoga mendapat manfaat daripada perkongsian ini, khas dari......
R.Nutr. Fiza

Bintang Syurga ^_^

By : Fiza Chan..!
Terdetik jari jemari untuk ke laman Youtube tatkala teringat akan satu lagu yang disebut oleh seorang ukhti. best gila katanya ^_^. Itulah, Bintang Syurga.

Tersentuh dek alunan suara indah Raqib Majid dan UNIC. Hmm, cubaan yang bagus untuk menghalang diri ni tidur di siang hari. ^_^. Dan kemudian tertarik dengan tajuk video berkaitan yang dipaparkan di sebelahnye. Subahanallah, mungkin tidak banyak yang diri sendiri ni tahu tentang Allahyarham Ammar, tetapi, walaupun sedikit yang diceritakan, terbit rasa tersentuh di hati.

 Mungkin kita tidak mampu syahid dalam berperang seperti sahabat-sahabat dahulu, tapi mampukah kita mengejar syahid dakwah? Andai beliau sudahpun dijanjikan bidadari disyurga, apakah kita yang biasa2 nie mampu yakin akan masuk ke syurga? Banyak perkongsian2 yang kawan2 post kat facebook. Adakalanya rasa tersentap jugak, tapi dah menjadi tanggungjawab manusia untuk saling memperingati sesama makhluk.. InshaaAllah, hati yang liat ni lama-kelamaan akan dapat dilenturkan.

Pernah sekali terbaca di Facebook, " jangan gunakan Allah untuk dapatkan banyak like." ala-ala mencari publisiti mungkin maksudnya..  Pernah juga terbaca, "pakai seksi-seksi tapi duk post , share benda2 dakwah". mcm xkena je kan?

Tapi pintu dakwah tu xpernah ade had dia kan. InshaaAllah ada hidayah yang Allah selindungkan dan hanya menunggu masa untuk digenggam erat. InshaaAllah di facebook juga kita boleh mencari pahala dan berbuat amal jariah betul? Postlah sebanyak mana kata-kata, gambar dan bingkisan berupa dakwah, pesanan dan ajakan kepada yang lebih baik. Sebab untuk saling mengajak kepada kebenaran itu tanggunajawab sesama manusia, selebihnya biar Allah yang buat perhitungan. 

Hmm, seronok n nyaman je rasa hati ni bila Allah datangkan rasa syukur dan muhasabah diri. Ya benar, Iman seseorang itu bertambah dan berkurang selama dia hidup. Justeru, hargai detik bilamana Allah berikan nikmat iman bertambah tu, berusaha untuk top up Iman bilamana kita rasa ianya berkurang :) itulah ujianNya, itu jugalah tanda cintaNYA  ^_^.


R.Nutr. Fiza(inshaaAllah)

New year, New age. ^_^. Alhamdulillah, 2014.

By : Fiza Chan..!
Assalamualaikum wbt  hari baharu.
Selamat tinggal masa yang telah berlalu..

Cepatnye kite . dah ade dalam hari pertama tahun 2014. Well, as Nutrition student, each new year is celebrated with notes and lectures, and alhamdulillah, dis time, berkesempatan untuk mengunjungi rumah Allah swt pada malam tahun baharu. Ustaz kata, tahniah dan bersyukurlah kerana dipilih oleh Allah untuk berhimpun di rumahNya .^_^ alhamdulillah. n thanks to Jamy dear sbb sudi ajak kite.

Ehehe, mcm muka pak ngah pun ade kan , Along? :P

Okey, post kali ni, cik fiza nak share sdikit sebanyak ape yang dikongsikan pada ceramah semalam sempena menyambut tahun baharu 2014 masihi.
"Ya Allah, minta Engkau tukarkan kejahatan kepada kebaikan. Dan, kekalkanlah kebaikan itu, serta Gandakanlah"

Ni antara ayat doa yang dibaacakan sebelum memulakan kuliah beliau. So, kita doa ni supaya Allah sapu semua kejahatan yang kita dah buat dalam tahun 2013 n masa-masa yang lepas, tukarkan ia menjadi kebaikan. Allah boleh beri lebih dari apa yang kita minta kan?

1. Ulama' berpandangan bahawa cuma tolak tahun masihi dengan tahun hijrah. Maksudnya, 2014 - 1435 h. Ahaa, figure yang keluar nanti adalah merupakan jarak antara Nabi kita, Nabi Muhammad SAW dan Nabi Isa AS.

2. Nabi-nabi yang ada tidaklah wafat kecuali cuma berpindah alam sahaja. Ada 4 nabi yang belum Meninggal lagi iaitu 2 yang berada di langit , Nabi Isa dan Nabi Idris. Dan 2 lagi yang berada di Bumi, Nabi Khadir dan Nabi Ilyas.

3. Ada dalil yang mennyatakan n menunjukkan bahawa Nabi Muhammad SAW tidak wafat lagi. Ianya berbunyi seperti ni : Pabila Umatku berselawat kepadaku, memberi salam kepada ku, maka akan ku balas selawat dan salam mereka. Wallahu'alam.

4. Ade 124 000 orang nabi manakala ade beberapa pendapat mengatakan bahawa ade 313/314/315 orang Rasul. Tetapi kita WAJIB tahu 25 orang Rasul. Kalau xtahu, kita BERDOSA.

5. Ade 10 malaikat yang wajib kita beriman. tetapi jumlah sebenar malaikat adalah terlalu ramai dan banyak. 
" Bilangan malaikat itu lebih banyak dari butir-butir pasir yang berada dilautan" 
6. Dunia ni banyak menipu. Dan kalau xmenipu, tidaklah ia dipanggil dunia.

Yang ni untuk isteri-isteri dan ibu-ibu.

1. Sunat letak nama pada hari keTUJUH , dengan nama yang baik. Yang ada kaitan dengan:
Nama para NABI
Nama para SAHABAT
Nama para SOLEHIN
supaya, anak nanti perangai elok.

2. Bila mengandung, 6 bulan dan keatas, amalkan baca surah Luqman dan surah Yusuf. bukan sahaja isteri yang baca, malahan si suami pun kena la support :)

3. Sesudah lahinya anak, Azan ditelinga Kanan, Iqamah di telingan KIRI.

4. HARAM jika doktor lelaki yang menyambut kelahiran bayi sbb kalau ade doktor perempuan, kene bagi doktor perempuan n nurse-nurse perempuan untuk merawat ibu (perempuan). Kecuali darurah.

Last skali, orang yang hafal al-Quran, kalau dia lupa apa yang dihafal, Dosa dia lebih BESAR dari segala dosa lain.

Wallahu'alam. betulkan jika ade tersilap. ^_^.
Selamat tahun baharu 2014. Andai ini bingkisan terakhirku, maafkan segala kesalahan. Doakan kejayaan di dunia dan di Akhirat kelak. Assalamualaikum. 

R. Nutr. Fiza

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